Belhaven Hill School

A Full Boarding & Day School for Boys and Girls aged 7-13 years



Be Creative

Without ambition, children can never achieve all they might, either at Belhaven or in life.

The challenges we set are age-appropriate and laid out in a straightforward way, which means they are met with enthusiasm. More often than not, our children surprise themselves with what they can achieve, and a positive life skill is instilled.

The Arts

Art, music and drama are popular at Belhaven Hill; we want all our boys and girls to have lots of opportunities to Be Creative.

We believe that the arts should play an important role in an all-round education and we ensure they form an integral component of the Belhaven experience.

The Art Department at Belhaven is a stimulating space where pupils are encouraged to develop skills to explore the visual world.

Similarly, most of our children experience performing on stage in front of an audience every year; we see Drama as an important component of being at Belhaven.