u13 girls fight bravely against a strong

                                  kilgraston side

After a long journey to Perthshire, made more enjoyable by the on-bus entertainment from Ariana and Susannah (!), the U13 girls were raring to go.
The match began with a much stronger performance than last week. Belhaven kept the ball right up the Kilgraston end and made many attempts to beat the keeper. The opposition were strong and their marking was tight, so a goal was not meant to be. Kilgraston very soon got a break, and the Belhaven midfield (Jemima, Pandora and Cleodie) worked extremely hard to get back and help our determined defenders (Susannah and Lucy). Some very sweet passes by the other team helped them to score one, two, three, four lovely goals, bringing us to a much needed half time chat.
I was delighted to see the improvement in the second half of the game. Lucy, Skye and Susannah were much tighter with their marking in the ‘D’, and this made it harder for Kilgraston to break through. We were much quicker at closing them down, and not allowing them to space to run the ball and as a result, Jemima and Pandora both scored a goal each putting us on a stronger foot.
The Kilgraston short corners were well practised and quick, and as we battled on defending in the second half, they scored another couple of beautiful goals. Final score Belhaven 2 – 7 Kilgraston.
All in all, I am pleased with the improvement of play in such a short time, however the key areas for us to work on are: marking in defence, free passes, drop passes from the back line and short corners. Chins up girls, lets fight on!
Man of the match: RUBY! Debut for the 1sts and wow, you saved some real crackers! Well done.


Naomi O'Kane, 19/09/2013