Acorns and Hazelnuts Wanted! 

Since last year Belhaven Hill's Conservation Club have been busily growing trees in our milk-bottle nursery.

We now have around 500 little trees growing in milk bottles collected by staff and Pumpkin Patch Nurseries. These trees; a mixture of ash, oak, hazel, scots pine, holly, rose and beech have been grown from seed collected by the children and their families.

This weekend around 200 little trees will be planted out in the local countryside to provide valuable habitat and food for native wildlife.

Belhaven Hill School pupils pl
Planting trees is pretty epic!

This means that we will have lots of space in our nursery to grow a fresh crop of trees.

We need acorns and hazelnuts to do this.

Please keep an eye out for oak trees and hazels when out walking and collect as many acorns and hazels as you can!

Oak trees and coppiced hazel have the highest wildlife value of our native hardwoods and grow really well in the milk bottles. We will germinate (sprout) them over the Winter to plant out on the trestles in the Spring.

Milk-bottle nursery

Hedge planting at Hopes Estate.

Conservation Club with milk bottle cells!

We need lots and lots of acorns and hazelnuts!
Lovely acorns

We need your help to collect acorns and hazelnuts to plant out to produce this year's crop.

If you are out on an Autumn walk this month keep an eye out for acorns and hazelnuts - we need hundreds of them!

Your help will be very much appreciated. Well done to all involved!