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Fees (2014/15)

The fees are payable before the start of each term, and are currently (September 2014) as follows:

Form 6 (for children who are 7 years old on 1st September of the academic year):   £3,375 (includes lunch)

The school day for Form 6 children ends at 4.30pm (4.40pm when a ‘winter' timetable is in operation) and, if they elect to stay for a non-compulsory activity or club, there is a charge of £10 for each activity session, which is added to the end of term bill.

Please note that Form 6 pupils are not included in either the Means Tested Bursary scheme or the Sibling Discount scheme, which applies to pupils in Forms 5 to 1.

Forms 5 to 1: Boarders per term £6,885 (includes lunch)
  Day pupils per term £4,775 (includes lunch)

The following discounts are available:

From September 2015, Belhaven Hill applies the following sibling discount policy:
  • discount for third child: 35%
  • discount for fourth or subsequent child: 50%
This is irrespective in both cases of whether or not the siblings are at the school at the same time as long as they started in Form 4 or before. Where each of Child 1 and Child 2 has not completed a minimum of five years at the School, sibling discounts are applied on a pro-rata basis linked to whichever of Child 1 or Child 2 attended the School for the shorter period."  
However, where three or four/more siblings are at the school at the same time:
  • the discount for the third child will be 50% for that period
  • the discount for the fourth or subsequent child will be 100% for that period.
In the event of a child being withdrawn from the school before the full course is completed, parents are required to give a full term's notice, in writing, of such withdrawal.  Failure to do so will result in their being charged for the subsequent term.

Services Remission: Fee Remission is given to members of HM Forces in receipt of Continuous Education Allowance. Interested parents should contact the Headmaster for further details.



To secure a place, a completed registration form should be returned to the school as early as possible, together with a fee of £50.  Some nine months or a year before the date of entry parents will be asked to confirm their intention to send their child to Belhaven and to forward a refundable deposit of £250.



Extras consist of those expenses that a child may incur during the course of a term, such as postage, sweets, chemist's bill, Common Entrance fees, music tuition, travel and so on.  There are also various activities for which a small charge is made, such as golf, tennis lessons or skiing.  There is an optional School Fees Protection and BUPA Scheme in case of illness.  Extras are kept to a minimum as far as possible and depend to a certain extent on the number of pursuits a child wishes to undertake.


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Belhaven Hill School strives to make a Belhaven education accessible to all, regardless of financial status. To help make this possible, financial assistance is available through what are called ‘bursaries’. A number of bursaries - up to 100% of the fees – can be awarded, at the Governors’ discretion, to those who require financial assistance and where there are available bursary funds. As the School has no financial endowments, funds available for bursaries are of necessity limited but are allocated in as fair a manner as possible.
All applicants are required to fill in the information as requested in the Bursary Application forms. These are available on the School web site under the section titled ‘fees and bursaries’, and then Bursary Application Downloads’. All matters between the School and the applicant are strictly confidential, and such confidentiality is a condition of any Bursary that may be offered. All Bursary awards are reviewed and revised annually by the Bursary Committee to reflect any changes in fees payable, and approved by the Governors, whose decision is final in all matters.
All applications for the forthcoming academic year are to be submitted prior to February 1st when they will then be considered by the Bursary Committee (which comprises, among others, the Chair of Governors, the Clerk of Governors and the Headmaster) who will make their decisions accordingly.
Factors considered in reaching any decision will take account of need, locality and available bursary funds. Parents/guardians, if offered assistance, are required to sign a letter accepting the place at the School and an acknowledgement agreeing to any conditions relating to the award of the bursary. Failure to respect these conditions, which include the obligation of confidentiality, may result in the bursary being withdrawn.
Other factors may include where a child has siblings at the School, where the social needs of the child are relevant (e.g. may be suffering from bullying at their present school) or where a parent/guardian is terminally ill or is unable to secure permanent employment due to poor health.
Acknowledging that others might have a different view, the School considers that the following would not be consistent with the receipt of bursarial assistance with fees: frequent or expensive holidays, new or luxury cars, investment in significant home improvements or a second property.
All completed forms should be forwarded to: -
The Clerk of the Governors,
Belhaven Hill School,
c/o Chiene and Tait,
61 Dublin Street,
Edinburgh. EH3 6NL
All applications will be acknowledged and applicants informed of the Bursary Committee’s final decisions as soon as is possible before the end of the School Spring term.

Parents/guardians, if offered assistance, are required to sign a letter accepting the place at the School and an acknowledgement agreeing to any conditions relating to the Bursary, not least in the confidentiality of any such conditions.

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To Apply

Parents wishing to apply for a bursary should please contact The Headmaster’s Secretary (01368 862785) as soon as possible to arrange a visit. If after the visit they wish to seek a place for their child they should complete and return entry and means test forms and return them to the School. The School will then notify the parents of the level of bursary available.

Short-term help for current parents in financial difficulties may be available from some limited funds; in the first instance please contact the Headmaster for more information.

Belhaven Hill School is registered as a company: SC41034 and as a charity: SC007118 at 61 Dublin Street, Edinburgh EH3 6NL

  Download the Bursary Application Form as a pdf file.
pdficonlarge If you do not have Adobe Acrobat reader please click on the Adobe icon on the left to download from the Adobe website.
  Download the Bursary Application Form as a Word document.

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Grant Making Trusts

In addition to the School’s own Means Tested Bursaries, there are also grant-making trusts for those in genuine need.

In cases of genuine need, charitable grant-making trusts can sometimes help parents to meet the cost of school fees at independent schools. Some trusts will help where a child already attends an independent school but is at risk of having to leave at a critical stage of their education due to an unforeseen change in financial circumstances caused by, for example, serious ill health or the death of a parent. Some trusts will provide financial support to enable children to attend independent schools, especially where it can be demonstrated that the child's needs cannot be met sufficiently elsewhere or, in the case of boarding, if there is a family difficulty at home which makes the home environment unsuitable.

SCIS (the Scottish Council of Independent Schools) has compiled a list of trusts, available to download on their web site - www.scis.org.uk - that will consider applications for help in meeting school fees, including eligibility criteria and contact details. Since the number of applications trusts receive often far exceeds the available funds, please consider carefully whether you meet the eligibility criteria before making an application.

Application forms are available from most trusts while others require applications in writing, often restricted to an A4 sheet. Guidance notes issued by trusts should be followed carefully. The SCIS leaflet, Meeting the Cost of School Fees, is also available to download on their web page, and contains advice on constructing applications to best effect. For further advice and guidance, please call SCIS on 0131 556 2316.

The following directories of trusts, published by the Directory for Social Change, are useful sources of information. They can all be accessed free of charge in the reference section of public libraries.

• A Guide to Scottish Trusts
• Directory of Grant Making Trusts
• The Educational Grants Directory

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