School Trips

Many school trips happen throughout the year. 

Once a year, Forms 1 and 3 head to Broomlee Activity Centre, West Linton, to try some scary, team building activities for the first time. Many have to overcome their fears as they catwalk, use ropes, night line, flying fox, crate climb, kayak, pole climb, Mohawk Walk (Wires Course), and tree climb.

Form 4 visits York once a year. We walk along the Bar Walls, visit York Minster, the St William's Centre, York Dungeon, the York Chocolate Story, the York Dig, The Shambles, York Castle Museum and the National Railway Museum. This year the Tour de Yorkshire meant that there were Yellow bicycles everywhere. But we still made it to Pizza Hut!

Form 2's trip to Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park wasn't all work, work, work ... as the Form 2's thought it might be! As it turned out, the Geography and Science departments do know how to mix work and fun on one of the sunniest trips to Loch Lomond yet. 

Form 2 have been learning about National Parks in Geography, and Loch Lomond in particular, so they were able to amaze the Rangers with their breadth of knowledge. After a lovely walk (accompanied by less-lovely midges) we headed off to the Sea Life Centre to have a gander at the fantastic array of fish and sea creatures.

The next day was all about Geography fieldwork ("Hurray!" the children were supposedly heard cheering...). Ranger Jim was there to greet us at the main Loch Lomond Visitors Centre and after a brief talk on how the National Park has managed to solve one of the main areas affected by footpath erosion we were off on a walk to find some footpath erosion of our own.

Post lunch it was Ranger Fiona who took over and we went on another picturesque walk around the edge of the loch, only to stumble across...a wild camp site!! The children were given different scenarios to act out in small groups about how not to camp within the National Park. This was then followed by a boat trip around the loch which was made even better by all the chocolate available to buy onboard!