Term Dates

Please note that those boarders who wish to return to School on the Sunday after a Weekend Out or Half Term are very welcome to do so. Time for return on these Sundays is by 1930. There will be a light snack available but not a full evening meal.

Select which file format you would like to download the Term Dates for Autumn to Summer 2016/2017 : pdf or Word document
Select which file format you would like to download the Term Dates for Autumn to Summer 2017/2018 : pdf or Word document

With the exception of inter school sports fixtures, events organised by other schools are normally - as far as possible - at the equivalent date of the previous year. We are normally only notified by schools in the term prior to the date of the event. Such events are therefore not included below.

Academic Year 2016 - 2017
SUMMER TERM 2017 Tuesday, 18th April - Wednesday, 5th July
Boarders return Tuesday, 18th April 1500
Day Pupils return Wednesday, 19th April 0830
1st Weekend Out Friday, 28th April 1300 - Monday, 1st May 0830
2nd Weekend Out Friday, 12th May 1300 - Monday, 15th May 0830
3rd Weekend Out Friday, 26th May 1300 - Monday, 29th May 0830
Common Entrance Tuesday, 6th June - Friday, 9th June
Half Term Saturday, 10th June, after Sports Day & Speeches - Monday, 19th June
End of Term Wednesday, 5th July 1200
Academic Year 2017 - 2018
AUTUMN TERM 2017 Wednesday, 6th September - Saturday, 9th December
Boarders return Wednesday, 6th September 1500
Day Children return Thursday, 7th September 0815
New Children return Thursday, 7th September 1000
1st Weekend Out Friday, 22nd September 1300 - Monday, 25th September 0830
2nd Weekend Out Friday, 6th October 1300 - Monday, 9th October 0830
Half Term Friday, 20th October after Spoken English Competition - Monday, 30th October 0830
3rd Weekend Out Friday, 10th November 1300 - Monday, 13th November 0830
4th Weekend Out Friday, 24th November 1300 - Monday, 27th November 0830
End of Term Saturday, 9th December after Carol Service 1300
SPRING TERM 2018 Sunday, 7th January - Friday 23rd March
Boarders Return Sunday, 7th January 1500
Day Children Return Monday, 8th January 0815
1st Weekend Out Friday 19th January 1300 - Monday, 22nd January 0815
2nd Weekend Out Friday, 2nd February 1300 - Monday, 5th February 0815
Half Term Saturday, 17th February (after Mansfield Music Cup) - Monday 26th February 0815
3rd Weekend Out Friday, 9th March 1300 - Monday, 12th March 0815
End of Term Friday, 23rd March 1200
SUMMER TERM 2018 Sunday, 15th April - Wednesday, 4th July
Boarders return Sunday, 15th April 1500
Day Children return Monday, 16th April 0815
1st Weekend Out Friday, 27th April 1300 - Monday, 30th April 0815
2nd Weekend Out Friday 11th May 1300 - Monday, 14th May 0815
3rd Weekend Out Friday 25th May 1300 - Monday 28th May 0815
Common Entrance Tuesday 5th June - Friday 8th June
Half Term Saturday, 9th June (after Sports Day and Speeches) - Monday, 18th June 0815
End of Term Wednesday, 4th July 1200