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Pease Bay 1

Here is a selection of the many memories that you have sent in to us. Please keep it up! And ideally please include a good photo or two. Please email
Pease Bay
Pease Bay 2

Everyone still loves the annual end of year trip to Pease Bay and the secrecy of when it would be. Going in red ruggers, defending Leaver’s rock, sand in your lunch boxes, tins on strings, marshmallows galore.

We’ve found this fabulous poem amongst the records written by A J Maxtone Graham in July 1970 which says it all better than we can! Here’s the first verse.
‘Picnic? Pease Bay?
Really? Today?
Order a net;
Snatch up a tin
Here comes the bus;
Lucky old us!
So scramble in,
Birds into that;
Beasts in the other,
In two minutes flat,
We’ll be on our way.
‘Hip hip hurray!’

Pease Bay 3
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The Shrub

Children still spend a lot of time in the Shrubbery, building dens and playing games, doubtless up to no good. These days the Shrubbery is also where you go ‘On a Date’ which for even the most precocious couples, involves nothing more advanced than holding hands or possibly a chaste peck on the cheek. Or so we’re told.

What did YOU get up to in the Shrub? Would you like to share it with the class? Email us at

Mr Mason’s Bullnose Morris

We have looked hard for a photograph of this, as so many of you remember it, but with no luck. If anyone has a picture, it would be fun to put it in the next issue. In fact, if anyone has ANY (printable) pictures of life at Belhaven, or life since you’ve left, that you could send us, we’d love to see them. Better still if you can provide them with names and captions. Email to

James Douglas Hamilton and Pet

James Douglas-Hamilton (1950-55)
and Peter de Pree (1950-55) at Sports Day in 1955.

The Grundy Bus - older brother?
Older brother of Grundy bus

Tell us your stories at

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Dorm Feast

Dorm and midnight feasts at the end of term are fondly remembered. There seems to have been much food hidden under floorboards throughout the dorms. We are led to believe that in the early 1970s the dining room ceiling collapsed under the weight of food stored beneath Dorm 1!

Pillow Fights and Dorm Raids

Happy memories of pillow fights and dorm raids, with weapons including elaborate guns made out of rubber bands!

Thursday Run
The Thursday run down through John Muir Country Park, gruelling for many, but loved by some of the more hearty!

The Bridge to Nowhere
The bridge to nowhere 
and a few more...
  • Picnics in the sunshine watching cricket matches.

  • Drill with the whole school outside on the front gravel.

  • Raking the gravel with Mr Osborne.

  • The first BBC computer arriving to great excitement.

  • David Peek losing the top of his finger in the lawn mower.

  • Mr Caldwell’s bedtime stories and the sound of his shoes coming along the corridor.

  • Learning ‘10 down’ with Miss Musson.

  • Chilly swimming in the unheated pool and longing for it to get up to temperature.

  • Pupils climbing trees, with one in particular getting stuck for 5 hours and the fire brigade driving across the hockey pitches to the rescue.

  • A pupil being thrown out of the back gate by one of the gardeners mistaking him for a resident of Dunbar; the said child had to walk all the way around and come back in the front gate.

  • Many years ago, two intrepid night time escapologists trying to get home, made it all the way to Whitekirk, some six miles from school, before being found and whisked back to school.

  • Slipping out of the ‘school snake’ into the sweetie shop on the way to church.

  • Watching rugby internationals on Mr Mansfield’s TV in his flat above the stable block.

  • One of the first girls at Belhaven, feeling slightly rebellious, decided to stay in bed one morning, pretending to be ill. She told Mrs Vass (Headmaster’s wife), "I had a dream and in it God told me to stay in bed". Mr Vass then came up and said, “I had a dream too, and in it he said that I must get you out of bed!”

  • Spam, lumpy porridge, great birthday cakes and Scotch pies, beans and chips on summer Saturdays.

  • The Slipper, better known as ‘Professor Dunlop’.

  • Chilling tales after lights out.

  • Stealing biscuits from the pantry every day.

  • Reeling ‘matches’ v Oxenfoord .

  • The glowing ember of Mr Vass’s cigarette end as he came through the dormitories at lights out.

  • Leavers' Dares.

  • Black Magic Fridays

  • Hiding the spoon with Mr Harvey.

  • Mr McCredie’s pipers on Sport’s day (see separate article about Mr McCredie)

  • A pupil helping to nurture baby starlings which had been sneaked into school by a fellow pupil.

  • The 'One hundred and twenty eightsome reel’  that Mr Osborne organised at his leaving Ball.

History Chart
HistoryChart Back
Martin Jones’ History Chart was a favourite that many of you remember having to learn. Some of you even managed to quote large passages from it. If anyone would like a copy do let us know. Send a SAE and a fiver (or more if you’re feeling flush!) towards our Sports Hall floor fund and we’ll send you one.

HistoryChart Front

Any more confessions..? We’d love to hear them. Email us at
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