Rounders is the major sport for girls at Belhaven during the Summer term.  

The girls are coached in year groups, to a high standard by members of the teaching staff, who enthusiastically allow the girls to develop their skills during the daily games sessions. During the summer term, the girls enjoy practising their skills and play during the afternoons and free time with impromptu matches within all age groups as well as against the boys.

Matches are played at all levels, U9, U10, U11, U12 and U13 in which the girls play competitively and show a good sense of sporting spirit. The girls play to a high standard and have triumphed at tournaments as well as winning many of their regular fixtures.

Highlights of the term for the senior girls include the Dandylions v WOSPS match, a Mothers v Daughters match, a match against the staff and matches against the Old Girls; the whole school is involved with the patrol tournament.

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