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Be Adaptable

Be Adaptable

Well, it’s certainly been an unpredictable start to the Summer term. 

Having enjoyed a wonderfully long, and latterly very warm, Easter holidays, we returned on a sadly overcast day. This did nothing to dampen the spirits of the children who spent their first afternoon back playing silly games and enjoying an ‘indoor’ barbecue, which isn’t quite as dangerous as it sounds.  Thankfully, Summer returned on the first weekend of term - the weather was peachy; the school looked its absolute best; the Open Morning was astonishingly well-attended; we enjoyed huge success in the first cricket and rounders matches of term; the latest selection of Saturday sweets was enthusiastically received and we had a wonderful Sunday afternoon Garden Party involving Giant garden games, Bubble Football and a visit from Luca’s own Ice Cream van. Bliss.

Week two saw further matches and further success, both for boys and girls. The Form 1s have settled into a sensible work / life balance and continue to set a fantastic example to those lower down the school.

It was unusual to have a second successive weekend at school but the children couldn’t have cared less. No matches but plenty of swimming, cricket, football, tennis and Takeaway Pizza on Saturday followed by surfing down on the Bay on Sunday, although the sea has, rather unfairly, not been heated to the temperature of the pool (somewhat akin to a warm bath) which came as a mild surprise to a few, less hardy souls, although this didn’t deter them in the slightest.
I’m not sure quite how to describe what happened this week, suffice to say the wind blew in from the East and the temperature dropped by about 15 degrees. It was, quite literally, Baltic. Whilst the staff grumbled, the children seemed completely oblivious to this unnecessary meteorological setback, continuing to swim, play tennis, and generally spend all their free time outdoors in wholly inappropriate clothing - they certainly make them tough up here!

And so we have arrived at the first weekend ‘out’ with two and a half weeks of a very short term already under our belts. When we return, Common Entrance season begins in earnest with French Listening and Mental Maths. There is no doubt that the 1s will take it comfortably in their stride, as they strive to make the very most of their final term at Belhaven.

As I have said, this unquenchable enthusiasm for everything that Belhaven has to offer has filtered down throughout the school and, come rain or shine (hopefully some more of the latter) there is no doubt that we are in for a another hugely successful and utterly fabulous term.

That is all. 

HK, 15/05/2019