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Be Impressed

Be Impressed

The children have long gone home; the staff have dispersed for their Summer break; reports have been written and dispatched; all loose ends have been tied up and now it is time to look back on an unbelievably successful second half of the Summer term.
As usual, with a late half term, the CE results flooded in with the children still at home. It fell upon me (one of my most favourite jobs of the year) to call them with their results once they were all in – and what a superb set of results they were. Not only did all of them pass very comfortably indeed into their chosen schools, these were the best set of results that the school has ever had.
24 Form 1 pupils took CE this year – the other 5 were exempt through academic scholarship. 55% of all grades achieved by these 24 children were either A* or A, and 82% of all grades were either A*, A or B. Two pupils managed straight A*s / As to their chosen schools and there were also further prizes for top finishes in Latin to Oundle and RS to Harrow, to add to the 11 scholarships already won this year. I salute them all.
Once we returned for the second half it was straight off to Italy for the Leavers and to various other destinations for the other year groups. I was fortunate enough to travel to Italy with the Leavers again this year and they were brilliant company. The trip included a day in Rome (Colosseum / Forum / Capitoline Hill / Trevi Fountain / Parthenon / Piazza Navona / Pizza / various Gelati), a day at Ostia and the beach, an evening learning how to make Pizza (delicious), another evening learning how to make pasta (less so), various trips to the river for swimming and damming, football, midnight swims in the pool, hide and seek in a mountain village, teaching a group of Italian children how to ‘Strip the Willow’ and so on.
We returned just in time for the IAPS athletics at Fettes where, once again, we picked up a huge array of medals and also a trophy for the Best Female athlete – well done Honor!

As mentioned in my last ‘blog this was the start of a jam-packed Leavers’ programme which included: a First Aid course; Internet Safety; cricket, tennis, swimming and diving finals; a 5k Park Run with parents; the Leavers’ Guest dinner; Fathers and Sons cricket; Mothers and Daughters rounders; the mixed doubles tournament; the ‘Just a Minute’ final; the Summer concert; Leavers’ Evensong; Dinner in the Walled Garden with the HM & Mrs. HM; Pease Bay; Superstars; Leavers’ Beach; Prize giving; Leavers’ Dares and the Athletics finals that were missed on Sports’ Day, at which several new school records were posted – all in the final 10 days of term.

And now the school is quiet – eerily so. This, perhaps bizarrely, is not my favourite time of year; it is very strange living at school when there is no one here – it feels almost as though we are intruding. I say this in hushed tones, but I look forward to the beginning of September when, once again, Belhaven will come to life.
In the meantime, I must start my training regime for the kayak / cycle / hike I am undertaking at the end of August, along with 20 other Prep. school Heads, to raise money for Place2Be, the country’s leading mental health charity for children. If you wish to find out more, or to sponsor me, or just see how Belhaven is doing in terms of sponsorship compared with the other schools involved, please click on the link below:
I wish you all a very happy, peaceful and wonderful Summer.
That is all.