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Glenalmond 6-a-side U13 Tournament

Glenalmond 6-a-side U13 Tournament

The annual Glenalmond Six a Side Tournament is always a fun and exciting day and this year was made even more exciting because the boys were defending their title; in fact Belhaven had won the U13 tournament for the past two years; in fact this group of boys had also won the U11 tournament, twice, so they were going for a full house of four wins out of four.

After a miserable week or so weather-wise, Sunday (a weekend out) dawned bright and warm. This format is very exciting as each innings lasts just five overs; there are only four fielders apart from the bowler and ‘keeper, so lots of gaps; and the square boundaries are very short meaning sixes were a good option. The pitches, however, were soft, offering no pace or bounce which tended to make it a bit harder for the batsmen to get the ball away.

Our first match was against Loretto, a team with a couple of very good players. As it was, an early wicket by Freddie put paid to one of them and after that, they were always under pressure, ending on 28 runs. Joe and Ollie opened for us and after one quiet over, Ollie launched into the attack hitting four 4s and a 6 to pass their score in just 17 balls.

Ardvreck were next and I gave Jonty and Freddie the chance to open. Having beaten Ardvreck rather convincingly in 11s, the boys, I suspect, thought they didn’t really need to take the match too seriously. Six balls into our innings, we found ourselves two wickets down for two runs after a couple of stupid shots and suddenly the pressure was on to post a respectable total. Fortunately Ollie and Joe picked up where they’d left off and after working the ball around sensibly to get the score ticking along, they laid into the final two overs. Joe, in particular, used his feet and smashed the ball around, hitting five fours and two sixes to end on 38 not out. Final score: 56 for 2. Though Ardvreck started quite well, they were always behind the run-rate and ended twenty-four runs short.

Our third group game was against Craigclowan and they opted to bat first. Some tight bowling by Freddie and others along with sharp fielding limited them to just 23 runs in their five overs. This allowed me to give another two boys the chance to open the batting, which meant that everyone had had a chance of getting used to the wicket – I thought this might be important going into the final. Archie and Rob certainly took their opportunity with Rob, in particular, getting on the front foot and playing some lovely and powerful drives. Soon enough Craigclowan’s total was surpassed meaning that we were into the final to play Cargilfield who’d swept all before them in the other group.

Cargi opted to bat first and unfortunately, Freddie, who’d been the pick of our bowlers up to that point, didn’t quite hit his mark and was picked off for13 runs. The Cargi batsmen played some lovely shots, working it around the ground and scored at just over ten runs an over, taking their total to 51 for 0 off 5.

51 was a very competitive total and there was no time for the boys to settle in. I decided to open with Joe, who’d been on good form and Rob, who had his eye in from the previous match; as it turned out, it was a pairing which worked very well indeed with Joe hammering the ball around and Rob ensuring the running between wickets was brisk and efficient.

Cargi opened with their spinner and Joe promptly launched the first ball over his head for four. And then again the next ball. And again. – three in a row! This was followed by a single before Rob also launched the ball to the boundary. 17 off the first over – perfect start. A six from Joe helped the next over to go for 14 and at this point we looked in charge. With two overs left, we needed just 13 runs to win but suddenly the runs dried up a bit. After six were scored off the penultimate over, seven were need off six balls and Cargi’s best bowler was to bowl them! Three dots meant six were need off the final three. Then a single so six needed off two. A four! One to tie and two to win off the final ball. Rob was backing up and was going to run no matter what – surely we could do it! The bowler ran in, reached the crease and let rip. Rob was off like a hare and as he got a third of the way down the pitch, he watched the ball soar over his head as Joe stepped to off and launched towards cow corner. Where it cleared the boundary by a couple of inches six runs and the trophy was ours. Half the crowd roared their approval and half ast stunned, thinking what might have been. What a finish.


Opponents Result
Loretto won by 4 wickets
Ardvreck won by 24 runs
Craigclowan won by 4 wickets
Cargilfield won by 4 wickets





3 innings / 80 runs / 0 dismissals

4 overs / 19 runs / 3 wickets


2 innings / 32 runs / 0 dismissals

4 overs / 31 runs / 2 wickets


2 innings / 29 runs / 0 dismissals

4 overs / 27 runs / 1 wickets


1 innings / 0  runs / 1 dismissal

4 overs / 28 runs / 2 wickets


1 innings / 0  runs / 1 dismissal

1 stumping


1 innings / 3  runs / 0 dismissals

4 overs / 31 runs / 0 wickets

MOTM: Tough in a tournament as everyone played his part. I think, however, it has to go to Joe whose 41 not out in the final was quite important.