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Spelling Challenge 2020 - Latest


This annual challenge has come round again and both Juniors and Seniors have been busy honing their spelling skills.


The Seniors had their Semi-Final today (Tuesday, 11th February) and the three who made it to the Finals are:

Polly, Adam and Petra

In addition, the winner of the Junior Final will also take part in the Senior Final

Some words that got the better of the spellers were:

economics, column, century, sympathy, politician, committee, choir, graduate, cemetery


The Juniors had their Semi-Final during break on Thursday, 6th February and those who took part were as follows:

Wendy, Alice, Olive, Charlie, Liv, Alexander

Blake, Flora, Saul, James, Pedro, Bee

Josh, Poppy & Emilia

Eventually the three who made the fewest errors  were chosen for the Grand Final.

Congratulations Josh, James and Flora

The Seniors will have their Semi-Final on Tuesday, 11th February during break.

Those who have made it so far are as follows:

Tommy, Paloma, Robyn, Faith

Georgie, Petra, Polly, Amelie

Daisy, Alexander, Adam

Hayden & Panda

News of their endeavours will be posted later.

Spelling Challenge