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U9 Rounders Season Report

U9 Rounders Season Report

Under 9 Rounders Season Report 

The U9 team have played the following teams:

Cargilfield / Loretto away at Cargilfield
Ardvreck away
St Mary’s at home
Fettes at home.

Winning over half their matches, the U9 team have gone from strength to strength this term. As the term has progressed, throwing and rolling has been with has become more accurate and the ability to catch with dexterity and fearlessness has improved. The group have played with determination and have come together as a team.

Sophie, Alice and Louisa all contributed to the bowling with notable improvements to their actions and with greater consistency towards the end of term. Amy and Alice have worked hard, staying  focussed and reacting quickly, as they have taken it in turns to be backstop. Olive and Iona have taken turns to cover 4th post and have played with commitment and determination. Willow has played well at 2nd post, stumping out a number of players. The team have all scored some half rounders in matches but Sophie has gone on to score the highest number of full rounders. Well done all of you. A big thank you to Alice T, Lucy, Hester, Bee and Davina  who have taken it in turns to help make up the numbers in the U9 team.

It has been a great season.