Belhaven Hill School

A Boarding & Day School for Boys and Girls aged 5-13



English? Who needs that? I'm never going to England.

(Homer Simpson, The Simpsons)

Whether going to England or not, English is an international, dynamic, multi-faceted, fun language for all, and this is mirrored in the teaching and learning of English at Belhaven Hill.

The overriding goal of the English Department is to instil a love and appreciation of both the spoken and written word while ensuring that by the time pupils leave Belhaven Hill they are equipped to speak, read and write skilfully and confidently.

Highlights of the year in the English Department include three high profile events in which every child participates: the Spoken English Competition; the Poetry Recital Competition and the school Spelling Competition. The finals of these are popular events enjoyed by the whole school and parents. Additionally, there is a debating competition for senior pupils and our Burns lunch with pipes and poetry recitals, also led by the seniors as well as a handwriting competition for all.

We also enjoy annual visits to book festivals and trips to see various children's authors as well as entering poetry writing and creative writing competitions. The school library, completely renovated and updated in Autumn 2014 is comfortable, well stocked, has four computers for research purposes and serves as an excellent resource. It is in constant use.

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