Belhaven Hill School

A Boarding & Day School for Boys and Girls aged 5-13



The beauty of teaching modern languages today is that there is an abundance of interactive and stimulating resources at hand to draw upon.

At Belhaven Hill we aim to make the learning of French lively and fun through games, songs, videos, ICT programmes, group work (and the odd bit of necessary traditional paper and pen!)

We cover a broad range of topics in all four areas – reading, writing, speaking and listening, ultimately aiming for high success at Common Entrance and Scholarship level, whilst bringing alive the language and culture of “La Belle France”.

The teaching of French follows the ISEB guidelines for Modern Languages but is not restricted to them and may well go further, particularly for scholarship exams.

Assessment includes a measure of continuous appraisal of oral work as well as regular tests and exams.

Broadly speaking, the aims of our course are:

  • to stimulate interest and enthusiasm for the study of the language and the country
  • to develop the skills needed for effective communication using both the spoken and the written language
  • to encourage positive attitudes towards the use of foreign languages and towards speakers of foreign languages
  • to promote and develop pupils’ appreciation and understanding of other countries and cultures
  • to cater for the wide variety of learning needs that exist in the classroom