Belhaven Hill School

Co-ed Boarding & Day School for ages 5-13



"Geography is the study of the earth’s landscapes, peoples, places and environment. It is, quite simply, about the World in which we live."

Royal Geographical Society

At Belhaven, Geography encourages pupils to develop a sense of place, both locally and globally, helping to cultivate an understanding of the physical and human processes which shape our World. A range of different teaching and learning styles is used to stimulate pupils to learn about the World and to promote environmental responsibility, sustainable development and cultural awareness.

Fieldwork is an integral part of the syllabus from Form 6 up to Form 1, taking learning out of the classroom and putting it into real life context.

Juniors carry out field work around the school grounds and in our local area with a visit to The National Museum in Edinburgh. Form 2 are taken to Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh to learn about plate tectonics, super volcanoes, glaciers and tropical rainforests.

Each summer, Form 2 pupils spend three days studying the impact of tourism on the area, sustainable development and river landforms and processes. Form 1 study coastal erosion around Dunbar's headland and visit Knowes Farm to learn about Geographical Case Studies.

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