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Return of Form 6

Return of Form 6

Form 6 Children Return

For many weeks, the sounds around Belhaven Hill were those of the seagulls and the tractor busily mowing the pitches, eagerly anticipating the return of the children.

Finally, on Monday 22nd February, the walls of Belhaven once again resounded with the excitable voices and laughter of Form 6.

Form 6 Book DayForm 6 Book day

Form 6 Art Lesson on line

They brought with them the much-needed sunshine and warmth of spring,

Form 6 return to Belhaven Hill Spring timeFrm 6 return to Belhaven Hill activity in the walled garden

which enabled some ‘al fresco’ dining,

Form 6 alfresco diningForm 6 alfresco dining

a beach clean

Form 6 beach litter cleanForm 6 beach litter clean

and plenty of outdoor den building.

Form 6 den building in Belhaven Hill woodsForm 6 alfresco dining in woods

The Belhaven dogs were also elated by their arrival having missed their attention and cuddles!

Form 6 Return to Belhaven Hill School but miss the other pupils

Although Form 6 have enjoyed being the most senior pupils in the school for a little while, they are even more excited to welcome back the rest of school on Monday 15th March, as are we all!