Belhaven Hill School

A Boarding & Day School for Boys and Girls aged 6-13



Be Belhaven

You are very welcome to visit Belhaven for a tour of the school at any time.

You don't need to wait for an Open Day so just contact us for an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you here very soon.

Boys and girls generally join Belhaven Hill at the age of 7 or 8. However, they may also come to the school at a later stage, as long as places are available.

Your children can be registered at any time in advance but may be placed on a waiting list. Boarding places, in particular, can be over-subscribed and early registration is recommended. A non-refundable fee of £100 (£500 for overseas pupils) is requested on registration and a deposit of £750 to confirm your child’s entry is payable a year in advance.

Our website and Prospectus only provide a glimpse of life at Belhaven Hill, so you are strongly encouraged to visit the school to get a real feel for what makes it special. The visit will provide an opportunity to meet the Headmaster and other staff, and, most importantly, to talk to and have lunch with our boys and girls.

Before we sent our kids to Belhaven, we were told by many friends that we had to visit the school to understand why it was just 'so special'. Now after 6 years there as a parent, and being very involved in the school, I still can't put my finger on just one thing. It's the traditional values, the confidence, courtesy and great manners that the children leave with. It's the all round education, massive range of activities, skills and care they receive during their time. Most importantly though, it seems to be that Belhaven Hill gets the best from every child.



Admissions Enquiry Form


Why 'Be Belhaven'?

Because we aim to develop these qualities in our boys and girls:  'Be Happy', ‘Be Curious’, ‘Be Courteous’, ‘Be Ambitious’, ‘Be Challenged’, ‘Be Confident’, ‘Be Outdoors’, ‘Be Individual’ and ‘Be Ready’.

These Belhaven values reflect the success of our all-round approach to education which fosters: ambition, determination, perseverance, camaraderie, pride in other’s achievements, and a good old fashioned approach to manners! See more at Be Belhaven

A Taster Day

The ‘taster’ day is an invaluable experience which enables school and pupil to get to know one another.

Children attend lessons, enjoy some sport and activities, and meet a few future friends. More often than not they return home full of the joys of Belhaven and eager to start as soon as possible!

There is no formal entrance examination but most prospective pupils spend a 'taster' day, and sometimes a night, at the school prior to entry. This normally happens during the summer term in groups of two or three but it can be earlier in the year, especially when a pupil is not entering the most junior form or if applying for a bursary.

You can read our Admissions Policy and Procedure here.

To arrange a visit and for further information, please contact the Admissions Registrar, Olivia Reynolds, at:

T:   +44 (0)7900 491681