Mastermind 2015

Heat 1

The first heat of this year’s Mastermind competition was held on Friday 23rd January and what an exciting start it was.

A total of 20 children have entered the competition with five competitors in each of the four heats.

As usual, each person must choose a special subject on which to answer questions for ninety seconds and this is followed by a general knowledge round where they answer questions for two minutes.
Here are the results:


Contestant Special Subject SS
David Demon Dentist (the book) 9 14 23
Jake G AC/DC 11 11 22
Rose The Battle of Hastings 5 13 8
Lochie The Sinking of the Bismarck 10 6 16
Archie R A Bear called Paddington (the book) 5 2 7

Well done to David on securing a place in the final which takes place in March.

Jake may also be in the final depending on scores in the next two heats.

Heat 1 Divine intervention

Asking for some sort of divine intervention?

Heat 1 Great Fun

This is all so much fun - keep asking me these easy questions!

Heat 1 Kind question

Thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity to sit in the Black Chair ...

Heat 1 Why that question

Tsk! I knew the answer to that this morning ... you lot up on the balcony, do you know?

Heat 1 Contemplation

... mmm, that's a tricky one - my palm doesn't tell me the answer.
Mike Gale, 24/01/2015