Form 4s clear North Berwick beach of marine litter

Belhaven Hill's Form 4 joined forced with Surfers Against Sewage to clear North Berwick's West Beach of rubbish washed up by the tide and dropped by walkers.

This was the sixth beach clean that Belhaven Hill have undertaken with the marine conservation charity.

Alasdair Steele from SAS gave a short talk to the children and then it was time to get to work. The children found a huge amount of rubbish ranging from cotton buds and cigarette butts to a pair of sunglasses and even a welly boot!

After a good hour scouring the beach it was time to head back to school for juice and biscuits.

Well done to all involved!


Alasdair 2
pull the other one

Tom Rawson, 05/11/2015