Mastermind 2016: Heat 2

The various mental and facial preparations take place for Heat 2

The second heat of this year’s Mastermind competition was held on Friday 5th February.

As usual, each person must choose a special subject on which to answer questions for ninety seconds and this is followed by a general knowledge round where they answer questions for two minutes.

Well done to Lochie on securing a place in the final which takes place in March.

Rebekah may also be in the final depending on scores in the next two heats.                                                                                              

Mastermind-Heat-2-Alexander-1 Mastermind-Heat-2-Alexander Mastermind-Heat-2-Alexander-2
The answer's on it's way through the ectoplasmic ether ..... yes, I have it .... ... or maybe not!


Mastermind-Heat-2-Kinvara Mastermind-Heat-2-Kinvara-1
Well, that's not a very easy question, is it? You'd better not have any more like that up your sleeve. Oh, you're so kind, QM. I knew the answer to that one!
Mastermind-Heat-2-Lochie-2 Mastermind-Heat-2-Lochie Mastermind-Heat-2-Lochie-1
OMG! This competition is a bit harder than I thought. Why did I say I knew so much about Ferraris? The capital of where? Oh, really! So embarrassing, so embarrassing!


Mastermind-Heat-2-Ruth-1 Mastermind-Heat-2-Ruth-2
When I get nervous I stroke my imaginary puppy! That's the 4th seriously unanswerable question you've asked in a row. Give me a break!


Mastermind-Heat-2-Sholto-2 Mastermind-Heat-2-Sholto
Ooops. Gotta stifle an impending yawn ... ... oh, dear. Hard questions make me soporific.


Mastermind-Heat-2-Rebekah-1 Mastermind-Heat-2-Rebekah-2 Mastermind-Heat-2-Rebekah-3
Um ... I thought I had signed up for Masterchef? I've got one right - and it's a science one, Mr Peek! Oooh, that cough doesn't sound good at all, QM. Shall we postpone the questioning?

Disclaimer: No contestants were harmed in the captioning of these photographs, as you can see by their happy faces - or is that because the ordeal is over?

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David Peek, 06/02/2016