1st Rugby v Cargilfield

Belhaven Hill 17 - 19 Cargilfield

Wednesday the 5th of October saw the first loss of the season.
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We were unfortunate not to win. I was proud of the running passing, catching, winning the ball against the head and winning the line-outs from the opposition.

How did we lose then has to be the question? The key factor of our loss was missing important tackles, mainly on one boy, and trying to play our rugby inside our own 22m. Perhaps by kicking ourselves in to the opposition's half and then playing percentage rugby, we might have been able to put more pressure on Cargilfield.
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The opposition team were spoken to for their infringing: high tackles, diving over the ball and killing play, not releasing the ball on the ground and not rolling away. The referee commented on how frustrated he was with the lack of discipline in the opposition and, given normal senior rugby situations, would have sent a number of players from Cargilfield to have a brief rest on their bench.
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Well done the Belhaven Boys for not allowing the frustration that I felt, and I'm sure they felt as well, get in the way of their desire to play great passing rugby.
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Fabulous tries from Sholto, Lochie and William and one conversion by Sholto, meant that the game was only lost by 2 points.
Warwick Wilson, 10/10/2016