U11B v Ardvreck 

It was a long trip north on Saturday for the mighty U11Bs to take on their traditional rivals – Ardvreck.
Just like last week, the toss was won and the boys in blue tapped off, passed the ball wide and Jose darted through a couple of tackles to score in the first few seconds of the match. It was the perfect start and it set the tone for the remainder of the match. Indeed tries came thick and fast throughout the match as it soon became apparent that Belhaven’s organization and aggression were not matched by the Ardvreck team.

U11B Ardvreck 1Web

The surfeit of tries (ten in the first half) allowed me to make numerous substitutions and to try boys in different positions. By and large the lads all adapted well to wherever I put them but, not unexpectedly, the team’s structure began to become a little less consistent as the match wore on. ‘Try Fever’ also began to sweep the team as everyone attempted to cash in on the opportunity to add to their personal tally.
Despite all this, I was very pleased with certain elements of the boys’ play:
The support was excellent which meant that whenever the ball-carrier was stopped or tackled, there was someone to gather the ball or secure it.
A number of tries were scored out on the wings which was an indication that the bays were passing the ball well.
Other bits which stand out for me were Hayden’s excellent rucking and tackling, Will’s superb support which led to four tries, some great runs by Tom U. and Ruan, a storming, aggressive charge through a number of boys by Ruaridh and a try-saving tackle by Louis.

U11B Ardvreck 2Web

Well done, boys.
Belhaven Hill       16     -        7       Ardvreck
MOTM: Shared by Will and Hayden.

William Townshend, 14/11/2016