Be U9 - Catch up!

What is the collective noun for the U9s? Perhaps I should put up a prize for the best answer.
A squad; a group, a herd, flock, or brood, or perhaps a masquerade, or a nonsense of U9s?  What has become clear over the last couple of weeks is that the word team has come to mind. 

U9  rugby 2016 start

We travelled north through the brilliance of the autumn to take on Ardvreck on Saturday 12th November 2016. The U9s reminded me of the teamwork that must have required to destroy the Tirpitz in a Norwegian Fiord on the very same day in 1944; or perhaps their brilliance made me reflect on the teamwork behind Individual displays; such as when, Stalin ousted Trotsky on 12th November 1927 or perhaps it was simply their inventiveness that remade me recall  a proposal published on the 12th November 1990 by Berners-Lee which led to the World Wide Web. The U9s emerged as a team; a brilliant team on the 12th November 2016 and they won against strong opposition. It was and remains a memorable day; Charles gave his all; Tommy was relentless and Constantin was extraordinaire; Arthur and Rory battled through the lines; Archie was brave; Kit, Fergus, and Saul provided foundations and movement and the team fed Theo the ball with which he did well; very well. The day though will be long remembered primarily for the lollies and disgusting sweets on the return leg of the journey as we returned triumphant.

Then skip on to 16th of November and St Mary’s, Melrose. The A and B teams journeyed south over the hills and far away to find the lonely goat herders. How were we going to solve a problem like St. Mary’s? ; (they are the best U9 team in Scotland). The U9s were going to have to climb every mountain and they jolly nearly did; they had confidence and played beautiful doe-ray-me rugby; rhythmic rugby. The A team game was the best display of U9 Rugby I have ever witnessed; It was one of my favourite things; both teams running strongly, perhaps it could even be termed aggressively, both teams tackled and then rucked superbly; the ball was moved around wonderfully and an interaction between Rory, Constantin, Theo and Tommy in the closing seconds of the game was worthy of any rugby highlights programme on the television. St. Marys were stronger and won. We were second best.  The Bs proved that B is for best; though Alexander borrowed from the U10s did make the difference. The 16th November will always be remembered for this remarkable match but as St Marys said their so longs and farewells…. I was reminded…. that it was on this very day that the Sound of Music opened on Broadway in 1959.

U9 rugby Craigclowan 1116

The 23rd November has long been remembered as the day of firsts; the first episode of Doctor Who was broadcast in 1963 and now in 2016; Rory tackled; Arthur carried the ball in two hands; George passed; Kit wrapped players up; Jack rucked;, Charles mauled; Constantin side stepped; Archie enjoyed killing the ball; Tom ran straight; Fergus supported; Saul made space; Tommy cut back in.  We scored tries and won convincingly against Craigclowan. These U9s are  always going to be remembered, whatever the date.

Perhaps it could be  a sprinkling of U9s  or a slight irritation of U9s, or simply a rash,!  The games against Ardvreck, St. Mary,s and Craigclowan have made the  word team far more appropriate. That has to be the best collective noun for this group of boys …”a team of U9s”.

Long may it continue. Be U9!