Spoken English Competition Videos

The videos for this prestigious competition are now available. Apologies for their tardiness in appearing. Do not blame Mr Townshend but if spleens must be vented then vent them in the direction of the Web manager; chap called Peeky, I'm told!

Please select which video you would like to watch and click on it. This will take you to the School's Vimeo site where other school videos are available.

Junior Section

Arabella Fraser: My Cats
Theo Thomson: Cartoons
Annie Mitchell: Roald Dahl winner
Ruan Lowry: Kevin the Crab
Lucy Townshend: An Unusual Hobby for Girls
Molly Mack: Man's Best Friend highly commended
Thomas Dewar: Hockey
Abbey Wood: Dog Training
Joe Townshend: Having Parents who are Teachers highly commended
Arthur Meynell: Women's Rights

Senior Section

India Bailie: Great Danes
Charlie Mitchell: Mohammed Ali
Elisabeth Dewar: Ferrets
Alexander Stuart: The Highlander winner
Harriet Morrison: My Trip to Rio
Ella Walford & Eilidh Venters: On Being the Youngest/Oldest
Ruth Meynell: Mr Knight highly commended