Spelling Challenge 

The annual Belhaven Hill Spelling Challenge is underway.

Every child in the school takes part in the Spelling Challenge which is run by the Learning Support Department in conjunction with the English Department. The first round of the Challenge takes place in class with children having to stand up and spell words orally without the opportunity to learn them or write them down. As the round progresses, those who falter are eliminated and the words get progressively more difficult.

It is interesting to see who can keep their nerve under the spotlight and surprising how many stumble on words they know how to spell.

The first round is complete and the semi-finalists have been chosen; they are:

Junior Senior
Saul Fletcher
Lucy Usher
Faith Ainslie
Petra Todd
Julius Osborne
Tom Hovell
Lucy Townshend
Emily Knight
Jad Misbah
Arthur Meynell
Theo Tweedie
Lilly Wallace
Pilar Mercader

Lulu Scovell
Jonty Mitchell
Reuben Hovell
Ella Thompson
Rosibella  Tyser
Sam Walford
Oscar Tomlyn
Jana Hamilton
Harriet Morrison
Ben Prentice
Sholto Harris Stuart
Oscar Jack
Ruth Meynell
Katya Eardley