Saturday Moaning Continues!

There really is nothing better to start a weekend off than with some simple old fashioned Saturday Moaning School. Once the children had written their letters home, we loaded up and took off in the minibus to show  Mr. Bloor; a new Gap, around the area.  Where better to get your bearings that the top of the world?

The Moaning peeked and the children found themselves on top of the world as they chilled in the winter sunshine demolishing an occasional finger of fudge.

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The best form of education is when pupils determine their own path.

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Ambitions were reached and some of them seemed almost Titanic.

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Some decided that the sky was the limit while  others wanted just to embark in  a spot of archaeological hide and seek.

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Meanwhile Mr. Bloor impressed all  with his phoitographic skills and alround ability a real addition to the Moaning.

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It was a fabulous moaning.  A complete joy.

Another wonderful Saturday Moaning.