Primary School Quiz 


On Thursday evening, 8 members of Form 3 tested their general knowledge in the Dunbar Rotary Primary School Quiz.  This is the 6th year we have taken part in the quiz, which is held at Dunbar Primary School.  Our two teams, competed against 7 teams from local primary schools - Dunbar Primary,  West Barns and Innerwick School.

quiz team a

Belhaven Team A enjoy their snacks

There were eight rounds in the quiz: Language and Literacy, Science and Technology, Health and Wellbeing, Expressive Arts, Scotland, Maths and Numeracy, Social Studies and RMPS and finally Pot Luck.  Both teams started off well, with Belhaven A team, leading the way at half time with full marks!  However, they were not so sure about aspects of Scotland whilst some of the Pot Luck and Social Studies proved to challenge them.  They finished in 4th place overall.  Meanwhile the B team also started off well and likewise, found some questions in the final rounds more of a challenge.  They finished 2 points ahead of the A team in 3rd place.  Dunbar Primary B team won the quiz, with Dunbar Primary A team runners up.

quiz team b

Belhaven Team B relax after the quiz

Questions this time included:
Who wrote the Peter Rabbit books?    
Where would you find Notre Dame Cathedral?
What does BRB mean in text messages?
What did John Lloyd Dunlop invent?
Who did Andy Murray replace as Number One Tennis Player?
The winter storms so far this year have been named Angus, Barbara and Connor.  Will we have Storm Henry or Storm Holly?

We did however know the 2016 winners of Strictly Come Dancing!  (We made sure that we had researched this beforehand!)

The children enjoyed themselves at the quiz and were a delight to take out.

Be Challenged
Katie Gale, 28/01/2017