Mastermind 2017: Heat 1 

The first heat of this year’s Mastermind competition was held on Friday 27th January and what an exciting start it was.

A total of 20 children have entered the competition with seven competitors in the first heat.


As usual, each person must choose a special subject on which to answer questions for ninety seconds and this is followed by a general knowledge round where they answer questions for two minutes.

Here are the results:

Name Special Subject SS Score GK Score Total Position
Arthur Meynell Asterix the Gaul (book) 12 12 24 1
Ella Thomson Everything, everything (book) 9 13 22 2
Joe Townshend Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (book) 9 10 19 3
Oscar Jack The Maze Runner (film) 8 8 16 4=
Archie de la Hey Billionaire Boy (book) 11 5 16 4=
William Gimlette Dan Wallace 9 6 15 6
Pilar Mercader Mamma Mia (film) 3 5 8 7

There was an unusually high number of books and films this week.
Well done to Arthur on securing a place in the final which takes place in March.
Ella and/or Joe may also be in the final depending on scores in the next two heats.

Mastermind Heat 1 2017 web

Mr Gale, 29/01/2017