Mastermind 2017: Heat 2

The second heat of this year’s Mastermind competition was held on Friday 10th February and what an exciting evening it was.

A total of 20 children have entered the competition with six competitors in the second heat.

As usual, each person must choose a special subject on which to answer questions for ninety seconds and this is followed by a general knowledge round where they answer questions for two minutes.

Here are the results:


Name Special Subject SS Score GK Score Total Position
William Gale Gangsta Granny (movie) 17 20 37 1
Sholto Stewart Harris Paul Pogba 7 19 26 2
Trystan Tyser Monopoly 17 8 25 3=
Jamie Thomson The Munich Air Disaster 9 16 25 3=
Joshua Nevill The Piper (book) 8 15 23 5
Lulu SCovell Jacob Sartorius 8 7 15 6


Mike Gale, 14/02/2017