Staff Spelling Bee 

It was decided by Dr Du Vivier that the staff should also have to go through something nerve wracking, just as the children so often have to do. And so it came to pass that the Friday Assembly before Half Term saw a few members of Staff being pressganged volunteer for the Staff Spelling Bee 2017.

Mr Knight
Mr Townshend
Mrs Townshend
Mrs Parks
Miss Graham
Miss Kidd.

Everyone made it through the first round with Form 6 spelling - a nice warm up round before the words got harder.

Mr Townshend made an early exit having decided not to use his joker on 'Cemetery'.
After which shocking news ...
... uncertainty spread through all the competitors who began to concentrate very hard indeed!

Miss Graham and Mrs Parks were very disappointed not to have got further.

A confident Mr Knight did well until he and Dr Du Viv disagreed on the pronunciation of 'mischievous', before he was caught out by 'Inoculation'.
Mrs Townshend and Miss Kidd made it through a couple more tense rounds before Miss Kidd took the trophy.

Dr Du Vivier, 20/02/2017