Purple Pinkie Day 

purple pinkie 5

On Tuesday, pupils dressed themselves in various shades of pink and purple to help raise money by taking part in Purple Pinkie Day.  Belhaven Hill have been supporting this charity for the last few years and once again, members from Dunbar Rotary Club talked to the school about what Purple Pinkie Day is all about.  The children have made donations from their 'Eagle Bank Account' and this will go towards the End Polio Now campaign.  The children were told about Polio and the effects it can have on people but were also amazed to hear that the numbers of reported cases have dropped significantly to just 33.  This is a really significant drop in reported cases since we have been supporting the charity.  Many thanks also, to parents who have donated money and bought a Purple Crocus to wear.  

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Katie Gale, 01/03/2017