1st VII Netball v Strathallan 

Belhaven 30 - Strathallan 4

1st netball 2
The rain cleared up and the girls looked forward to their first home match of the season.  They had first centre and were shooting towards the parents, much to India’s delight.  Within minutes of the game starting, Anna was with the ball and the ball was through the goal to take us ahead.  Clemmie and Ella did not have much contact with the ball in this quarter and when they did, the ball was cleared quickly to Kiki and then onto our attack.  An impressive 12 goals were scored by the end of the first quarter.          
Belhaven 12 – Strathallan 0

We began the second quarter with possession of the ball, but with some rearranged positions on the Strathallan team, our girls had to fight harder to keep possession.  Anna and India worked well to get free in the goal circle, repositioning themselves to receive passes from Katya and Eilidh.  The Strathallan shooter found a great angle to shoot and scored an amazing goal. 
Belhaven 16 – Strathallan 1

The Belhaven team were soon back in their stride and began the third quarter in the same way as the first.  The girls tried hard to use the different style passes that we have been focusing on this week during games and used the entire court to maximise their passes.  India was certainly on a roll this quarter scoring a further 7 goals. 
Belhaven 24 – Strathallan 3

The girls continued some great play in the final quarter, slowing down the game and thinking about spaces and passes.  Ella T and Ella W kept the ball away from the Strathallan goal but a stray ball into their circle allowed the Strathallan shooter to score another goal from the edge of the circle.                               
Belhaven 30 – Strathallan 4

Well done girls – it was great to see you using the different passes during the game, and knowing where each of you were on the court.

Player of the matchIndia Baillie for some amazing shooting and teamwork with Anna
Katie Gale, 04/03/2017