U11 Boys' Hockey v Cargilfield

Result: 2-2
Man of the match: Jose

The boys were eagerly anticipating a testing match on Wednesday. On arriving at Hallhill the wind seemed to be twice as bad as at school making the conditions a little tricky
and communicating was going to be hardfor the team.

The toss didn’t go our way but they chose to go downwind so it was a win-win for us as we wanted to do the hard work first. The boys started strongly and Joe was distributing the ball wide to Rob really well. But with the wind against the boys were struggling to keep focus and structure. The game became a little chaotic and the boys were rushing around as they couldn’t string passes together. Cargilfield were controlling the game and had a lot of possession in midfield and good attacking players putting a lot of pressure on Oliver and Max. Fortunately we managed to keep the ball out of the goal but we were really struggling to clear the ball away from our defence and get into attack. After a lot of pressure Cargilfield got a goal and the boys were becoming frustrated.

Rob, Freddie and Jonty weren’t seeing a lot of the ball from Joe and Thomas in the middle who were making tackle after tackle in the midfield but unfortunately not winning the ball. Archie
came on and worked really hard on the wing and stopped their winger from driving to the by-line. Their second goal came after a loose ball slipped through midfield and we weren’t able to get it away.

Half-time gave the boys a moment to breathe and they could start the second half knowing that they had done the hardest bit. Now they had to dig deep and carry on but at least the wind was behind them. The boys shot out of the blocks and scored in the first play of the half: a great pass from Joe to Freddie and the goal went in. An injection of confidence was just what they needed and the momentum swung in our favour.

Jose had an immediate impact on the wing and Joe was distributing the ball wide and away from the congested centre of the pitch. Thomas pulled his finger out and tackled hard and chased down loose balls, working well with Joe in the centre. William made some great saves to keep us in the game and was being well supported by Oliver and Max, who made a number of fantastic tackles and clearing plays.

Thomas was bashing the ball down the pitch at '16s and getting the team right up the pitch and chances were coming our way. Cargilfield were feeling rattled and under pressure and this time they couldn’t get the ball away from their defence. Two short corners came our way and finally Thomas scored a great goal to level the match. Jonty, Freddie and Jose all had chances that JUST slipped past and as if it could get more exciting in the last minute of the game Cargilfield broke away giving them a one-on-one with William. A fabulous save gave the team time to flood back in defence and just as the ball trickled towards the line Thomas smashed it off the line down the pitch.

The final whistle went and a very fair result: 2-2 ... I certainly drew a huge sigh of relief!

Very well done team, they all showed great determination and put up a super fight; the perfect preparation for a tough time ahead down south at IAPS.



Alice Du Vivier, 08/03/2017