Dandylions Netball 

dandys netball

This year Ella, Anna, Katya and Eilidh represented Belhaven in the Dandylions Netball Match.  Ella was in the starting line up for the A team, which played first but it wasn't long before Anna and Katya joined the team.  All three players were a great addition to the A team and played their part in a successful win over the WOSP's.  Dandylions 32 - Wosps 20.

Eilidh was chosen to captain the B team and also played out of position.  Her usual position as Centre was swapped for WD and then GA, much to EIlidh's suprise.  This did not stop her from scoring some goals for the team.  A more evenly played match resulted in a draw.  Dandylions 16 - Wosps 16.

Well played today girls!

Katie Gale, 14/03/2017