Be Scholarly

This is just a brief addition to my usual ramblings to announce that we have now won 11 scholarships to senior schools this year. Now I'm no scholar, but even I can see that the picture (below) only shows 9 children – the simple explanation for this is that one of them, rather greedily, picked up three separate awards! This is a fantastic achievement by all of them, made even more so by the fact that there are only 18 children in Form 1; so half of our top year were awarded scholarships. There can’t be many (any?) prep schools in the land that can say that ... now where is that Honours Board?

The 9 Scholars

Be-Scholarly-debateWhile I’m here, and not to be outdone, the Debating team (pictured right) headed off to Cargilfield to do battle with six other prep schools at the inaugural IAPS Debating competition. The first motion proposed by our team was that ‘This House would withdraw the invitation of a state visit to the United Kingdom for  the President of the United States of America.” Having won this argument comfortably, they then went on to debate the motion that ‘This House proposes the abolition of school uniform’ which they successfully argued against and were thereby declared the winners.


As if this wasn’t enough, our Bridge team (pictured left) set off for Glasgow yesterday morning for the annual mini-Bridge tournament. They left with little hope of success but returned as victors of the entire competition, laying waste to 5 of their 6 opponents and therefore crowned as champions.

How wonderfully satisfying to discover that Belhaven does it with brains as well as brawn!

That is all.

Henry Knight, 15/03/2017