U13b Netball v Fettes

The best yet.

Don’t be fooled by the scoreline, our Belhaven girls fought every pass and worked until the point of exhaustion. The simple truth? Fettes were the better side by a considerable margin. Where Belhaven triumphed today was in grit and camaraderie. They should be as proud of their efforts as I am and take with them the valuable experience that playing against a very strong side provides.

The girls knew this was not going to be an easy ride and had mentally prepared themselves for damage control. The first few minutes of play was very promising indeed, Belhaven stood strong and stole the first centre to break Fettes 1-0, an early confidence boost. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Fettes found their stride and put 8 goals on the scoreboard within 4 minutes.  8-1.

A second quarter produced much of the same; Fettes exploited their height, agression and slick channels of play. Belhaven fought hard in defence but were afforded only a handful of opportunities at goal. 15-1. With a 14 goal difference at half time, there are many who would mentally walk out of the hall in defeat at this point.

Not Belhaven Hill.  

Fighting hard in defence and causing as much disruption as possible to their furrowed lines of play, Belhaven conceded only 6 goals in the second half. Belhaven unnerved the Fettes attacking line, if only a little, to open up the game. 21-1.

Commendations must go to Harriet, Rosibella and Jinan who rose to the challenge of fighting a strong attacking line with gusto. El Capitano India and Ruth, you were super playmakers at centre today. Jana, Sophia and Marthe provided a reliable support to both defence and attack. Lulu and Cata, although you didn’t have much of play today, you showed focus and some super play!

Let’s take what we have learned to our final match of the term next week.

(Wo)men of the match: Harriet and Rosibella. 

Laura Graham, 15/03/2017