1st Netball v Fettes 

Belhaven 18 – Fettes 31

v fettes

The girls were a little apprehensive today as they warmed up.  They knew Fettes were a strong team, as their entire 1st team were selected to play for the Dandylions.  The aim of the match for our girls was to play hard and give 100% to every aspect of their game.  This they certainly did.
Anna won the toss and the team were off to a flying start.  Within the first few seconds of the game, quick thinking from EIlidh, allowed the ball to move swiftly and accurate to Katya and into the safe hands of India, who then scored.  Taking Fettes by surprise, they were quick to intercept the centre pass and once again, the ball was soon with Anna this time and through the goal.  The girls were glad to put the pressure on Fettes from an early stage of the game.  However, the Fettes attack were strong and with their two shooters, Fettes attacked the ball well, despite valiant efforts from Ella to clear the ball from the circle.  Kiki and Clemmie also worked well to defend the ball and bring it forwards but Fettes soon were in their stride and crept ahead.  A more than pleasing score had been achieved, as we ended the quarter and the Belhaven girls were still in the game. 
Belhaven 4 – Fettes 9
Fettes took the lead during the second quarter as the Belhaven team pushed on and gave everything to their game.  Play became a little frantic at times, and as a result we gave the ball away at the wrong point.  Ella and Clemmie were kept busy trying their hardest to intercept the ball ‘You don’t know how difficult this is’ our GD told the team at half time.  Ella T was ready to bring the ball to Eilidh and despite a couple more goals from Anna, Fettes were clearly ahead now. 
Belhaven 6 – Fettes 17

The Belhaven girls were not giving up that easily.  They were certainly trying their best to tire out the Fettes team and this was beginning to work!  Fettes had to also work incredibly hard to gain possession.  We tried to make more bounce passes this quarter and aim to receive the ball infront of the player as we could not risk the Fettes players intercepting the ball.  Ella and Kiki were great at intercepting the centre passes from Fettes and our two shooters found space in the circle to aim for the goal.  Another four goals were scored this quarter. 
Belhaven 10 – Fettes 24
We had the final quarter to go.  Our aim was simply to play the best we could and try to make the gap between the scores a little closer.  Both were achieved in this final part of the game.  In fact just based on this quarter Belhaven scored 8 goals to 7 scored from Fettes!  We achieved our aim and made the gap between the goals much closer.
Well played girls on a hard fought match.  You knew it would be tough and you were right but you played so well and your tomato red faces at the end of the match proved this!  Your positioning on court is super.  One last match next week against Cargilfield - play like you did today and you deserve a final win.
Players of the match – Ella for outstanding defence and Katya for being able to read the game so well and for positioning on court