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On Friday 17th March, Belhaven held their Red Nose Day in advance of the official date so that the pupils had a chance to partake in various activities to help raise money.  They were allowed to wear home clothes for the day, take part in various games during break which included 'Pin the Red Nose on Mr Lovatt' and Red Noses were available to buy in the school shop.  We also held a small competition to' Design your own Red Nose'. Through the various activities, the children helped to raise just over £300, with money being donated from their 'Eagle Bank Accounts'.  To end off the day, David the Chef, along with the kitchen staff made Red Nose Day fairy cakes for tea.

comic relief 2Pin the Red Nose on Mr Lovatt was a popular game!   

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  Oops not quite the right position!

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Red Nose cakes at tea

Design your own Red Nose competition

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The Winner - Cupcake Nose by Natasha

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Katie Gale, 27/03/2017