Poetry Recital 

The Summer Term is certainly a busy one but despite everything else that is going on, we somehow manage to squeeze in the annual Poetry Recital Competition as well.

The children have all chosen and learned their poems by now and are reciting them or have recited them in class to their teachers and sometimes to their year groups. There have been some impressive performances across all the year groups and I've been particularly pleased by some of the poems chosen by the seniors as many contained greater gravitas than in previous years and this can make them more challenging to recite.

There is little doubt that the Poetry Recital Competition has achieved its aims of encouraging the children to seek out and engage with poetry as well as continuing to develop their confidence in public speaking. I am sure that many of the children will remember their poems for years to come. 

The final of the competition will take place on Friday, 26th May at 11.50am (families of those in the final are welcome to attend) and it is just a shame that we cannot put more children through! As in any competition, there some disappointed competitors but it is important to note that the main focus of the recital is to stand up and deliver a poem to the class; the final is merely an added extra for a few. This year, to allow more of the children to show off their skill in reciting a poem from memory, those who wish to and who didn't get through to the finals, will be given the opportunity to recite their poems to the whole school in morning prayers over the next two weeks. What a great way to begin the day. 

Please do ask your child to recite their poem to you when you next see them, if you haven't already done so; you may just be impressed.

William Townshend, 16/05/2017