U9 Kwik Cricket

Belhaven beat Compass by 39 runs.
Belhaven made it three wins from four with a deserved victory over The Compass.  For the fourth time this season we won the toss and opted to put the opposition in to bat first.  Belhaven started as we meant to go on, Tommy claiming a run-out after confusion between the Compass stumps.  Theo then did the same some minutes later and then in over 6 Rory took a beautiful catch off Charles (atoning for Tommy’s dolly drop in the meantime).
And on the wickets continued; Theo took a catch off Jack and in the same over Rory threw in a beautiful twenty-yard run-out ball.  The same player in the next over forced a stumping and again in that same over Tommy took a clean-bowled wicket.  Halfway there and, phew, seven wickets taken!
Theo then took a beautiful clean wicket to reduce the Compass score to just ten runs from nine overs but at that point the opposition did start to pick up their game.  Fergus caused a hit wicket off his bowling, which was lovely for him and in the last over Tommy took a final clean wicket to end a very successful session indeed for Belhaven.
1st Innings: The Compass 67 for 10 wickets.
Wickets: Tommy (2), Jack (2), Charles, Theo, Fergus.
Run-outs: Tommy, Theo, Rory.
Catches: Rory, Theo.

By way of answer Belhaven set out well, Rory and Charles scoring 30 between them including extras, both players hitting good fours and Charles being run-out just once.  Arthur and Saul added only 9 with Arthur being caught out twice.  Theo and Fergus added a respectable 27, Theo in fact scoring 23 of those runs himself before Tommy and Jack finished off with 30 in their four overs, Tommy himself grabbing 24 of those runs, Tommy and Jack losing a wicket each.  Tommy and Theo hit some beautifully sweet shots and well deserved the ten boundaries they scored between them.
2nd Innings: Belhaven 106 for 5.
Runs: Tommy 24, Theo 23, Rory 8, Saul 7, Charles 6, Arthur 4.
Wickets lost: Arthur (2), Charles, Tommy, Jack.


Men of the Match: Impossible to choose to-day so I’ve gone for three!  Tommy for his batting and conceding only 2 runs when bowling, Theo the same for 8 runs and Rory for some incredible fielding.

Belhaven win by 39 runs.

Next up: Cargilfield on Saturday 20th May, 14:00 (h.)

Noel Curry, 19/05/2017