Spoken English Competition Gathers Steam 

(Or is that just a lot of hot air?)

The annual Spoken English Competition is underway with children beginning to deliver their talks in class this week.

Every child in the school is asked to compose a talk on any subject they like and they then deliver that talk in class. For some this is an exciting moment to which they look forward  while others find it a little bit daunting. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that the experience of doing a talk each year contributes towards making Belhaven children confident public speakers.

We (English teachers) will have the difficult task of choosing the best few from each year group to go through to the final on Friday, 20th October, 1.45 pm. All parents are invited to attend the final and it is usually a fantastic way to end the first half of the term before we all enjoy a good half-term break. 

William Townshend, 10/10/2017