The  Cloud U9s – Under the Weather! 

U9 Rugby v Fettes
Wednesday, 29th November

Forth, Tyne, Dogger, Belhaven Bay; westerly, veering North West, 4 or 5 occasionally 6 later; relentless pressure; moderate or good and occasionally poor with precipitation and pain; icing!

It may be unimaginative, but weather is critical to our existence and, on Wednesday, the U9s were a little under the weather! They were mild, slightly changeable and unpredictable last Wednesday against a stormy Fettesian side as we found ourselves on the end of a storm track and the Gulf Stream was not going to assist this bunch of East Coasters.

The prevailing wind was against us and a definite temperature difference between the sides meant that we relented to their high pressure system. Their frontal system had moved through so quickly that we hit the cold front far too soon. The trough, however, never appeared and after occasional light precipitation we managed to occlude their front and then blew a little hot and cold.

We had lost.

U9-Team-FettesCloud U9; Cloudy with Rugby Balls!

The players:

  • Cirrus: Sublime; high altitude player; delicate, wispy with a silky sheen; colourful; ice cool.
  • Cirrocumulus: Super cool; the calm before the storm; high level influence player.
  • Altostratus: large sheet of medium level cover; capable of producing phenomenal iridescent effects and exciting illusions.
  • Stratocumulus: ever present; low level cover, changeable and morphable and associated with all frontal activity.
  • Stratus: uniform layer; predictable; able to cause incredible effects; influential; full and very effective cover.
  • Nimbostratus: featureless but capable of producing anything come rain or shine; great cover and associated with all frontal activity; critical to any system.
  • Cumulonimbus: a multi level performer that can produce thunder and lightning; always threatening; can and will rise to great heights.
  • Cumulus: Fluffy and brilliant; fills and occupies all space and can whizz across the sky.

Long Term Forecast:  Warm and sunny spells: Happy.
Be U9!

Peter Bailey, 05/12/2017