Inside Out Morning

Come and visit Form 6 for 7-8 year olds at Belhaven Hill School.

Still in its infancy, the creation of Form 6 for 7-8 year olds has already proved to be a success, with children and parents alike. It provides a small, cosy and nurturing start to a prep school education.  
The curriculum in Form 6 has been carefully and creatively designed and follows a topic based approach, which provides fun and effective learning for the children.
Belhaven-Welly-BootLearning in this way and at this early age is crucial and the teachers of years above are frequently impressed with the amount of progress the children have made in Form 6 and how they are ready to embark on the demands of the relatively rigorous curriculum as they move up through the school. The school has also been recognised for its ability to encourage children of all ages to develop a love of reading, which is such an important part of a child's education.  Children of all ages have a dedicated time to read and enjoy books during the day.
The first year in Form 6 provides pupils with an exciting introduction to school life and builds strong foundations for their future at Belhaven.
You are invited to visit Belhaven anytime to meet the Headmaster, Henry Knight, and the Form 6 class teacher and your child is welcome to come for a taster day to see what Belhaven is really all about. A key piece of advice is, “Don't leave it too late!”, as children learn so much at the age of seven and eight.  With small class sizes and expert tuition, our children inevitably manage to achieve more than their contemporaries, both in terms of their academic growth and the development of the whole child.  At Belhaven, intelligent thinking, kindness, compassion, good manners, sensible behaviour and the ability to care for others are the norm.

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Please contact the School Secretary on 01368 862785.

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