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A Boarding & Day School for Boys and Girls aged 6-13

Be Belhaven

Be Belhaven

Be Belhaven 

Belhaven Hill has recently undertaken a professional review of its core values – an extensive process which involved detailed research with parents, governors, Old Belhavians and staff. Our ‘Be Belhaven’ brand proposition came out of this exercise; it reflects the unique character of our school, and encourages individuality within a truly supportive community.

The qualities which we aim to develop in our boys and girls include:  ‘Be Curious’, ‘Be Courteous’, ‘Be Ambitious’, ‘Be Challenged’, ‘Be Confident’, ‘Be Outdoors’, ‘Be Individual’ and ‘Be Ready’.

These Belhaven values reflect the success of our all-round approach to education which fosters: ambition, determination, perseverance, camaraderie, pride in other’s achievements, life-long interest in the environment, and a good old fashioned approach to manners!

Our story sums this up ...

The Belhaven Story

The children shout ‘great fun’.

The parents say ‘well-taught’, ‘well-mannered’, ‘ready’.

How does this happen?

Not by magic, but by being determinedly of a size that allows daily attention to be paid to manners, until they become a habit – and that allows excellence to become a skill transferable from one endeavour to another.

Is this thanks to our heritage?

Yes, it is.

There is nothing old-fashioned about traditional values – now, more than ever.

This is why Heads at renowned senior schools say they can recognise our children instantly – a ‘Belhaven DNA’ comprising both innocence and polish.

And, perhaps, this is why we have the record we do in getting our pupils into just such schools.

Be Ready.
Be Belhaven the best conduit to the best senior schools.