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Belhaven's Mastermind Final 2024

Belhaven's Mastermind Final 2024

This year we had a record number of pupils enter the competition and so lovely to see a large number of Forms 2 and 3 sign up. We held 4 heats, each with 6 contestants and the range of specialist subjects was vast; Aisla Craig, The Lewis Chessmen, Gorillaz Albums, Finn Russell and Oman being just a few of the topics. As usual, the winner of each heat is guaranteed a place in the final along with the pupils who achieve the next best scores.

Our four heat winners were Blake (The Rules of Snooker), Eloise (Eragon book 1), Eck (The Final test on the 2023 Ashes) and Ottilie (European Capital Cities) and they were joined by Noah (Countries of Western Europe), Molly (The Secret Island) and Lukas (The Red Arrows).

Each of the finalists needed to choose a new special subject before being quizzed on it for 90 seconds and then tested for 2 minutes on general knowledge.  For the first time in a many years, we had a tie for first place and the winner was decided by a 10 question general knowledge play off.

Well done to Blake, winner for the third year in a row, and only the second pupil to achieve this, having pipped Eloise on the 10 question tie break.

Topic Special Subject Score General Knowledge Score Final Score
Blake A The Hunger Games Book 1 15 15 30
Eloise G-C Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 19 11 30
Lukas A The Dambusters Raid 12 14 26
Noah B The 12 Labours of Hercules 13 8 21
Eck T The Final Day of the 3rd test of the 2019 Ashes 7 13 20
Ottilie T Barbie Movie 10 8 18
Molly T Five on a Secret Island 10 5 15