Belhaven Hill School

Co-ed Boarding & Day School for ages 5-13



Drama connects to every subject and to every child. Whether it is from playing the lead in the school play to having the confidence to put your hand up in class - Drama is essential. 

(Mrs Anna McGrath) 

Lessons and Activities 
In line with our Vision for Drama, from September 2021, each year group will have one scheduled Drama lesson per week.  The aim is to bring the page to the stage; maybe it is helping Form 1 students unpick the complexities of Shakespearean characters or working with Form 6 exploring friendships and social skills. Using drama as a tool to unlock our communication skills.

Drama also has a strong foundation in our activity offering – a junior and senior  activity allows pupils to explore areas such as mime and improvisation, as well as perform sketches and rehearse for school performances.  It is a positive, nurturing, and encouraging activity in which we hope the children feel confident enough to experiment and have fun!

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School Productions & Public Speaking
Every year, we aim to provide each child with an experience of performing whether it be on a stage or outdoors; in a play, musical, poetry recital or our wonderful Spoken English Competition.  School productions, both junior and senior take place every year and all children are involved. The annual Patrol Drama competition is also a highlight and another opportunity for teamwork and camaraderie across the year groups.  

In addition to our more formal productions, we also aim to offer increased 'Drama Sharings', which will see our students presenting stages of their learning in a more relaxed setting. They may be performing physical theatre, sight-reading or showcasing their improvisational skills, building their confidence in live performance and creating a more active dialogue with parents and peers, watching and learning together.

"Belhaven excels in producing confident and articulate young children."


Theatre Experiences
It is also intended that every child in Form 3 and below will see one piece of professional theatre during the academic year. Drama workshops also provide a variety of theatrical experiences for our boys and girls as part of the annual lecture series. The school is  very keen to support and coach talented pupils attempting scholarships to their public schools.