Belhaven Hill School

A Boarding & Day School for Boys and Girls aged 6-13

Age 6 & 7 Entry (Form 6)

Age 7 Entry


Belhaven now has a thriving class of six and seven-year-old boys and girls. Do join our Form 6 for a tour of their favourite spots in the school.  Welcome to Belhaven Hill!

As well as working hard within the classroom, the children spend some of their lessons enjoying Belhaven's amazing grounds to enhance their learning through educational experiences outside.

From using what nature provides to create maths problems or giving inspiration for a written piece of work, to discovering how old the trees are or what the buildings would say if they could speak about the past, the use of the outside classroom is an invaluable tool to help expand their young minds.

Form 6 follow a carefully compiled combination of both the Curriculum for Excellence and the English National Curriculum. This flexible approach ensures continuity from the children's previous schools as well as bringing in elements of the English curriculum which is important for the Common Entrance syllabus.

Topics include; a history of Belhaven, world religious festivals, teeth and eating, a study of the local area, Ancient Egyptians, how plants grow well and stories from the Old Testament, to name just a few.

Have a wee look at some of the exciting things that Form 6 get up to.

Download information about what happens day to day in Form 6.