Belhaven Hill School

Co-ed Boarding & Day School for ages 5-13



The Governors of the School are its trustees for the purposes of charity law and its directors for the purposes of company law.

Governors are identified and appointed by the Board of Governors, which aims to achieve a balance of skills and experience appropriate to the running of the School: in particular educational, financial, commercial, parent representative, property and marketing.

The position of Governor is entirely voluntary and is unpaid.

Governors serve for three years after which period they may be elected for a further three-year term, except for the Chair and Convenors of any committee set up by the Board, who remain eligible for immediate re-election on retiring while in office or within three years after.

The Governors meet at least three times a year and consider the strategic planning for the School, monitor, advise on and review the operations of the School and receive regular formal reports from the Headmaster and others (as appropriate) to ensure the School is running effectively and fulfilling the Trust's charitable objectives.

There are several permanent Committees of the Board, of whom three;  the Finance Committee, the Charity & Governance Committee and the Education & Welfare Committee, report to every Board meeting and meet at least three times a year.  In addition, the Charity & Governance Committee has delegated powers to form a Nominations Committee (to oversee appointments of senior staff) and a Bursarial Awards Committee (to oversee the making of annual Bursarial Awards on behalf of the School.) The Education and Welfare Committee oversees the Safeguarding Committee. There are also a Marketing Committee and a Health & Safety Committee, each comprising Governors with relevant expertise and key members of staff.  All Committees report to, and act under, the direction of the full Board of Governors.

For a list of present governors please click here.