Some Treasure Island

Some Treaure Island 018

Form 1 put on a rip-roaring, swashbuckling and raucous performance this year, expertly produced and directed by both Naomi O’Kane and Sandy MacAskill, who got the best out of all the players. With backdrop and props (the drama department having pushed out the boat) lending an authentic air to the pub/dock, ship and Treasure Island scenes, the auditorium, full to the gunwales, got under way, eventually reaching the sunny tropical island, via a rather rough sea passage, and the dénouement. (Any more nautical terms and you’ll be keel-hauled. Ed)

Much hard work but great fun was had by all the Form 1 cast of ‘Some Treasure Island’ this term. Auditions were held late in December, parts cast and scripts duly sent home with pupils at the end of term under the threat of ‘words must be learnt or else’! To their credit most of them did and by week 3 of the term scripts were abandoned and the real work on acting began.

Rehearsals took place in the games room three times a week under the watchful eyes of Naomi O’Kane, Sandy MacAskill and David Peek. The main parts were divided up so as many as possible got chance to have a decent go and it truly was an amazing experience to watch these self-conscious children bit by bit metamorphose into their characters.

Music and songs were added in with a week to go, as were a few evening practices, but before we knew it time was up! The dress rehearsal in front of the rest of the school went off pretty well, all things considered, with just a few prompts and an almighty loud explosion which literally produced ringing of the ears!
Minor adjustments made, all of these slight glitches were ironed out on the night of the main performance and the cast, both on and off-stage did us proud. Slick, confident performances with plenty of laughs, rousing sea shanties, loud bangs and smoke (How I loved producing those! Ed) gave this play a real ‘feel good factor’. Well done to every single member of the cast and stage management.

The pics below will remind the players what a great time everyone had!